Euphora: The Final Episode! “Eye Shadow” starring me, Tim Martin, Carrie McCrossen and Judith Bradshaw!!

If you’ve missed any of the other episodes, check them out at!


Episode 2: “Foundation”

Starring Kassia Miller, Tim Martin and Molly Thomas!!

Watch and learn about beauty!!! 


Episode 1 of Euphora: “Moisturizer”

Starring Kassia Miller, Tim Martin and Lauren Adams! 


High School Sweethearts

They met in high school and still sort of act like it. 

Written by Kassia Miller, Featuring Josh Ruben, Tim Martin, Veronica Osorio and Cody Lindquist

Fake Sketch Show Set List

Dr. Pizza

-       strike pizza, stethoscope, table

-       mop!

-       set podium, rose, football helmet

Final Rose Bowl

-       strike podium, rose, football helmet,

-       set 6 chairs, steering wheel, tap shoes

“Greece” Lightenin’

-       strike chairs, steering wheel, tap shoes

-       set rope, sticks, Batman figurine

Corporate Retreat

-       strike rope, sticks, Batman figurine, nightgown

-       set 1 chair, snowflakes, Golden Girls’ DVD

Santa’s Turn

-       strike snowflakes, Golden Girls DVD

-       set table, 5 chairs, lobsters, bibs, bras

Seafood Boobs


Enjoy the new Onassis video: The Best Travel Show Host Ever!

Directed by Kirk Larsen
Written by Emily Altman
Starring Jocelyn DeBoer, Rob Michael Hugel
Edited by Kent Kincannon
Produced by Liz Zwiebel, Rob Michael Hugel
Art Department by Janie Arguedas
Special Thanks to Pates Et Traditions, Dawn Luebbe, Lauren Adams,

I spent an hour doing this just to show that these two look alike!